The use of Autonomous mobile robots has taken warehouse logistics to a better place

What is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) ?

Broadly speaking, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is a robot that can understand and move around without being overseen directly by an operator.  AMRs have a wide range of sophisticated sensors that enables them to understand and interpret their environment, which helps them to perform their task in the most efficient manner and safe possible way.

The use of AMRs has taken warehouse logistics to a better place. The advantages of autonomous mobile robots are numerous. AMRs are highly efficient transportation solution, and they do whatever they are programmed to do every time.

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What is an AMR used for?

AMRs can be used on a large scale in virtually any industry – at least some production processes, especially those within intralogistics, can be automated. With the help of our JIWA software, it is possible to completely automate intralogistics in your factory. One of the most common applications for AMR robots is the transport of pallets within warehouses and production halls. Autonomous mobile robots technology enables quick transport of pallets from point A to point B without worrying about path planning, special track or predefined route.

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What happens to the robot when it encounters an obstacle?

MiR AMRs integrates sensors and various components into its robots that receive, process and analyses data in real time and act accordingly. In other words, when an autonomous mobile robot encounters an obstacle on its route, such as a box, it will recalculate the route if possible or stop if it detects that it could harm the operators.

Are AMR safe?

Yes, autonomous mobile robots are safe. For daily operation the safe driving pattern of the MiR AMRs are ensured by a multi-sensor safety system that feeds data into a sophisticated planning algorithm, which lets the robot know where it drives and that decides if the robot should adjust its path or make a safe and immediate stop to avoid collisions.

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What is the ROI on AMRs?

Getting a better understanding of the business value of AMR is essential for manufactures who want to get ahead. In this list you will see five points to include in your ROI calculations. Don’t get left behind the competitor.

1. Cutting cost

The most obvious statistic to plot into your ROI calculations is the sum of costs saved with labor and skill optimization. With their long battery life, high payload and autonomous routing, AMRs can take on hours a week of low-value human tasks.

2. Faster supply chain

Removing human decision making from the supply chain decreases the rate of errors, required quality check and collisions. All of the contribute to a slowed or halted process. By adding sophisticated AMR technology to the mix, manufacturers can see and improved offering from day 1.

3. Improved safety

The MiR AMR is probably one of the safest in the world, with the latest technology to keep workers safe. By taking on tasks the put workers at risk of an injury, the related financial cost from fines, lost workdays and damaged equipment should drop dramatically.

4. Limited downtime

MiR AMRs can be implemented quicky, ensuring that there is no downtime in other processes when the robots are deployed. The employees can therefore focus on different tasks.

5. Quicker response to market demands

For businesses to keep competitive on a global playing field, logistics processes must get increasingly lean and responsive. AMRs contribute to reliable, efficient, and flexible workflows. This means those who automate the most will be able to respond better to external demands and fulfil larger or more complex orders than before.

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