Asko Rogaland

Automize distribution intra logistics at ASKO.

Free up human labor with AGVs

ASKO ROGALAND continuously works to improve quality and efficiency. This work led us in 2020 to AGVs that had the ability to free up expensive human labor from monotonous and simple tasks to other tasks. An agreement was signed to purchase 6 AGVs, but COVID-19 and subsequent travel restrictions prevented the Swedish supplier from traveling to perform the installation.

More opportunities in their operations.

After a meeting with Robotic Innovation, we saw the opportunity to use a local actor for installation in collaboration with Soft Design RTS AB in Sweden. Both took on the challenge and Robotic Innovation put in a fantastic effort that recovered much of the schedule. Today, they are our local service partner for the MAX AGV machines, and we are seeing more and more opportunities to use their expertise and solutions elsewhere in our operations. In retrospect, we have also had very positive experiences with using locally rooted suppliers who understand our challenges and have also been emphasized in the implementation of other projects with us.” – Espen M. Moe, ASKO ROGALAND

New contract

We recently signed a new contract with Robotic Innovation to deliver a mobile robot solution to our new environmental factory. This application includes a MIR600 EU Custom Pallet Lifter, a smart pallet station with lift and twelve smart pallet racks.