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Seize the potential of your AMRs with the JIWA application

JIWA is a virtually industrial web-based application. Allowing you to scale, diversify and integrate any machinery, AMR and data system to automate intra logistics and optimize machinery performance.

It is easily integrated with already existing data systems like Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), Manufacturing and Execution systems (MES), warehouse management systems (FMS) and fleet management system for AMR.

The application runs independently from operation systems and screen size, can be deployed as a cloud solution or optionally as a server solution.


•  Visualization of real time data: production data, logistics data, AMR data, machinery data, fleet management data

• Analyse data to get an overview of Key Performance Data (KPI) and statistics

• Factory map real time data, visualization, and operation

• Dynamic, customized, database-driven industrial reports for performance and quality control

• Industrial alarming system

• Open API to deploy any brand AMR, machinery and data system

Modules available:

• Customized dashboard

• Access factory applications worldwide

• Live factory map

• Analytics

• Service management

• Data system integration

• AMR fleet management integration

• Reports

• Alarm handling

Factory overview

The application provides a live factory map where you have full overview of the robots. You can watch the status, what mission and the location of the robot. This overview works worldwide, so you won’t have to be close to the factory to get an overview. 

Discover the power of visualizing your data. With our mapping feature, you can plot events on a map and quickly identify areas of concern. Pinpoint errors with ease and make informed decisions in no time. 


It’s easy to order a robot mission. Simply select a predefined group and see what stations are loaded and ready to ship from. Then select a group and then select an available station. Instant feedback of estimated time and status of the mission is given. All parameters can be predefined so the process of ordering a new mission is done with only three clicks! 

Functions like automatic refill, and automatic generation of transport orders triggered by sensors, API requests or ERP systems.  

Advanced error handling is critical for unsupervised operations. If one mission is not able to be completed due to a blocked path or other events, it is easy to configure if the robot should go back to its original destination or if it should place the load in a reject zone. This way it is possible to ensure the maximum performance and no traffic jams. 

jiwa transport


Ticketsystem that can be integrated with databases and ERP systems. Tickets can automatically be generated by critical events in the production system. Notifications can be sent by e-mail, SMS, push or Teams.  


Dynamic and customizable analytics where you can get real-time key performance monitoring, effectiveness, utilization, distance and downtime etc. Industrial reports for performance and quality control can be automatically generated.