KMP 1500P Diffdrive
KMP 1500P Diffdrive

Quick facts

Max. speed

1.2 m/s (4.3 km/h) | 3.9 ft/s (2.7 mph)

1.8 m/s

Run time

10 hours


2976 lbs

1500 kg

Lifting height

60 mm

The smart AMR platform maximizes efficiency in production halls and warehouses

The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is a game-changing solution to optimize intralogistics operation. The KMP 1500P lifts all types of load carriers and could be easily implemented into existing industrial projects to deliver exceptional solutions, whether it is optimizing warehouse processes, streamlining assembly lines, or enhancing material handling in complex industrial environments.

The AMR platform can identify the load due to its technology and QR code readers, which improves material traceability and operational efficiency. In addition, the 3D cameras provide an additional layer of safety, detecting obstacles in three-dimensional space, and ensuring the well-being of the AMR, the load and equipment.

The KMP 1500P offers easy programming that allows workflows to be quickly adapted and optimized, reducing the time and resources required for implementation, and resulting in increased operational efficiency and flexibility.

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