KMP 3000P
KMP 3000P

Quick facts

Max. speed

1.2 m/s (4.3 km/h) | 3.9 ft/s (2.7 mph)

1.2 m/s

Run time

6-8 hours


2976 lbs

3000/6000 kg

Lifting height

100 mm

KMP 3000P keeps every production in constant motion

The autonomous mobile platform is operational 24/7 thanks to its inductive charging concept. The platform can be charged both at central charging stations and decentrally at the workstations – i.e. during the process.

With the ability to move up to 3 tons, it offers a wide range of possible applications. Whether it is used for material supply in production, process interlinking without conveyor belts or classic point-to-point transportation, the KMP 3000P masters the transportation of large, unwieldy and heavy components effortlessly. It benefits from its compact dimensions of 2200 x 1200 x 370 mm.

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