Quick facts

Max. speed

1.2 m/s (4.3 km/h) | 3.9 ft/s (2.7 mph)

3 m/s


2976 lbs

Up to 90 tonns

KUKA omniMove: autonomous and extremely flexible

Simply move underneath and lift: the KUKA omniMove mobile heavy-duty platform can move your XXL loads with ease. The KUKA omniMove can be controlled manually or move autonomously. Despite its enormous size and payload capacity, it navigates safely, moving virtually independently. You can also optionally expand it with a self-contained energy supply.

Specially developed wheels allow the mobile heavy-duty platform to move in any direction – even from a standing start. The sophisticated navigation system KUKA Navigation Solution ensures autonomous maneuvering without risk of collision and without requiring artificial floor markings. The KUKA omniMove can be freely scaled in size, width and length within a modular system – just the way you need it.


Depending on the vehicle variant, the KUKA omniMove can safely and conveniently move even the heaviest components in XXL format. It has a payload capacity of up to 90 tonnes and – in the maximum version – reaches a length up to 30 meters.


The KUKA omniMove can move even the heaviest loads without contact on up to +/- 3 mm.


You can choose from ten different vehicle variants, and we will then personalize your selection with individual option packages and modules – fully in accordance with your requirements and wishes.

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