Mobility Forus

New platform for monitoring, controlling and operating self-driving buses in real time

Mobility Forus

New monitoring platform

Robotic Innovation has delivered a new platform for surveillance, controlling, and control of self driving buses in real time to Mobility Forus.

The platform is a amazing example of technology and competence transfer from one market to another, says the CEO of Mobility Forus, Linn Terese Lohne Marken, referring to the cooperation partner Robotic Innovation which has developed the new fleet management system that recieved the name JIMA.

 The new system streams data from vehicles and driving conditions in real time, so that a responsible operator can be 1000 miles away and still have full control over what is happening in the traffic.

 – It can be compared to a control tower for airplanes, except that we have the possibility of taking manual control of the vehicle. Says Marken of the new portal for fleet management of vehicles.

Linn T Annette

Smart Communication

Information about the vehicle’s progress and any traffic incidents is being looked at from Mobility Forus’s control center. Data from driving, weather, and road conditions is being collected and analyzed in the platform. Through the platform, it is possible to order pickup, monitor progress, and communicate directly with the passengers, traffic central and infrastructure.

– Nordic winter conditions is something different from what we see in many other parts of the world. The insights JIMA collects from the operation of self driving buses for Smarter Transport in Bodø is an important piece for the future of the mobility. Our goal is to prove the technology maturity to take the safety operator out of the vehicle and operate on-demand services that correspond to other public transport, says Marken.

From factory floor to the cityscape

It is Jærbedriften Robotic Innovation Bryne that has developed the digital platform that is now used for self driving buses. Robotic Innovation specializes in automating item transport and logistics with indoor robots for customers such as NorgesGruppen, Haugstad furniture and Avinor.

– The partnership with Mobility Forus is a good example of the opportunity space for Norwegian-developed technology when the threshold for sharing is low, says Annette Anfinnsen, founder and CEO of Robotic Innovation.

– When Mobility Forus needed an application for autonomous buses, we could solve this time and cost-effectively by building on the cloud-based platform we have already developed, says Anfinnsen, who praises Yago test arena for bringing the companies together.

Built for the future

Yago Testarena is a business cluster for actors working within autonomy on land, water, and sea. The fact that Robotic Innovation and Mobility Forus have now developed a control system that covers all these areas is no coincidence. The functionality of the platform will be developed in line with regulations. The day the route of an autonomous truck needs to be redirected to correspond with package delivery from a drone, we have made arrangements for it,” concludes Anfinnsen.

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