Smart Palomat

Smart Palomat

With the ground-breaking collaboration between the Palomat and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), your internal logistics workflow is lifted to an even higher level. Your company comes one step closer to the automated pallet handling of the future.

Palomat AMR is designed for you who want to future-proof your company by improving your internal logistics and minimizing manual pallet handling. You are guaranteed a healthy working environment, streamlined pallet flow in your production and increased efficiency.

Why choose Palomat?
  • Saves time and frees up labor for other value creating tasks
  • Improves the workflow of any AMR with automatic pallet handling
  • Ensures correct and uniform stacking/unstacking on the AMR
  • Easy to connect with any AMR and ready to communicate with interface.

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Capacity500 kg
Driving Force220-240VAC 50hz                          
Standby consumption23W

Consumption during operation

550 W (at max load/ 500kg)
Noise Level70 dB (A)
Actuator Linak